Walabot DIY



Want to hammer, drill or cut into a wall without the fear of accidentally bursting a water pipe, or slicing an electrical wire?

WalabotDIY lets you look inside yours walls and take the guesswork out of your next renovation project.
WalabotDIY offers Superman-like vision – it can see through drywall, cement and other materials to detect the location and depth of pipes or wires or even track rodents or other creatures. WalabotDIY magnetically snaps right onto the back of select Android smartphones**, allowing handheld imaging anytime, anywhere.

Originally developed to see through human tissue to detect breast cancer, Walabot’s powerful technology offers today’s DIYer safe, mobile, and highly-advanced imaging capabilities, giving you a new powerful device in your toolbelt.

* Winner Best of CES, Maker Faire NY and Mobile World Congress awards.
** Compatible with Android smartphones running 5.0 or higher with an OTG port

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