How To Make Oreo Notebook – DIY Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Notebook Tutorial



Everyone likes Oreo and other Chocolate Sandwich Cookies! In this video tutorial I show how to make small DIY notebooks that look like this amazing dessert.

For DIY Oreo Notebook you will need:
for two “chocolate wafers” – a piece of cardboard, 2 kitchen sponges, 150 denier tights (brown), double sided tape, needle and thread;
for “creme” – 3 sheets of A4 printer paper, stapler, school glue.
Also you will need a glass (or smth round), a pencil and scissors.

These do-it-yourself soft notebooks are so cute and look like real cookies! Sometimes I even want to soak them in milk… 😉 And it is so pleasant to hold them in hand – they are soft like toys!

When you will write all the pages – just unstick them from “wafers” and make new ones. It is really easy.

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Good luck! 🙂