How To DIY Modern Calligraphy



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It’s a dip pen or a “pointed” pen. It comes in two parts: a nib and a nib holder. My nib is a 512 from Speedball. My bin holder is a straight nib holder from Speedball.

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* PART 2 of this video:

*Remember in modern calligraphy there aren’t any rules. Play with your letters and HAVE FUN.
*I completely forgot to mention cleaning your nibs. You want to clean your nib every single time you use it. You can use soap and water, but I recommend the Speedball Pen Cleanser. It’s about $6 at my local Michael’s. It makes the process super fast and easy. Dry your nibs completely so they don’t rust.

How do I use my calligraphy? I like to make wall art out of quotes I like, addressing envelopes, writing and making thank you cards (or any card), writing on gift tags, and making graphics.

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