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Please read before commenting. Where to get charcoal pills

activated charcoal pills

non toxic glue

peppermint oil

a great mask application brush

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Please everyone dont forget to use non toxic childs school glue.
also remember everyone is different with different skin so please remember to do a small test patch before putting anything onto your body.also if you have peach fuzz and dont want it to be pulled out try using this on just your nose and chin it works just as good 🙂 the charcoal powder will probably be around the vitamins and pharmacy at the store.

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The measurement is 1 tbs to 1 capsule of activated Charcoal.

You can just use the glue but it’s not going to be as thick and it’s not going to attach to your blackheads as good I tried it with the charcoal and with out and the charcoal helped so so so much with pulling out the blackheads oh and you can get it at Walmart I believe or maybe a vitamin store I know you can get it on Amazon ❤️

When i decided to do this video i got the idea from pinterest so i dont know who to give credit to.
so i went and searched the videos on youtube and these are the people that did this or something similar before me 🙂 i was not trying to copy anyone. I just thought this would be a cool ida to try out. i DID NOT think it was going to get this much exposure.


nikole skyes

natalies outlet


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Things you will need!!!
-2 little bowls
-activated charcoal powder (you can create your own by activating your lots on videos on this)
– nontoxic white school glue
-a old brush to apply it.( one that you dont mind ruining.) you can get some at the dollar store
-mint extract or peppermind extract or any extract that you want really just use it sparingly a little drop is good.
-a wash cloth
-a mirror

Steps !
1. get ingredients
(Activated charcoal powder ,white glue, and peppermint oil)
2. Mix all the ingredients together depending on how much you want
3. Wash your face with warm water.
4. Use a brush you dont care about just incase the glue dries on it.
5. Apply in one even coat every where you want it to remove any blackheads or your whole face depending on again what you want.
6. Wait 20 to 40 minutes for mask to dry COMPLETELY when the mask is dry you should not feel cold or be able to move the mask around and it should be completely matte and tightened on your face.
7. find or make a lose edge along the bottom of the mask.
8. Start to slowly pull the mask up (in a upward motion the slower you go the more black heads you will get.)
9. Once you have the mask pulled off use a warm damp cloth to wipe away any left over pieces of the mask that didn’t pull off.
10. Tone you face to close all of your pores.

omg guys !!!!!
this super easy diy blackhead peel off mask is everything !!! its absolutely amazing and took every single black head out of my face !!!! and my face was super super smooth after i pulled it off. it is way WAY!!! better than the boere strips you get at walmart and cost much less!! make sure you dont apply it super super thick and you are golden please share this video if you think someone would like to see this. also dont forget to like the video. leave me a comment for any future videos you would like to see !!! love all you guys !!!!!

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