DIY Zip up bedding! ( goes on like a sheet)



Hello hello everyone! I have been seeing these zip up bedding sheets in almost every ad and cute kid room pictures but have not seen one tutorial on how to make it yourself. So I took it upon myself to make one and show you how you can save tons of money by making one yourself custom to what kind or style room you want to make it for! Zip up bedding is really handy in bunk beds and other beds that are just tough for children (and parents) to reach and not break a sweat trying to make the darn thing. But it is also great for teaching children to make their bed and keep their beds nicely made because all they have to do is zip the thing up! Be sure to share this with your friends!


I listed all the materials and things you’ll need in the video!
– I got 10 yards of zipper from amazon if you’re wondering where to find longer zippers.
– I used a walking foot, because it feeds the fabric through easier and doesn’t make the fabric slip as much but it is optional.
– I used 100% organic cotton from Joann’s Fabric store for the topper material
– The fur I got was also from Jo-ann’s Fabric – I bought 2 yards of each of the material I got from there.
– The elastic I used is 3/8″

Would you like to help me translate my video??
You don’t have to do it all but every little bit you do helps and is greatly appreciated! By me & by others as well.

___Written Instructions___

-Finish the edges of all your sheet pieces (serge or zigzag stitch)
-Sew your soft material to your topper material, wrong sides touching (serge or zigzag stitch)
-Take big sheet piece and a short sheet piece and put them right sides together. Sew it. This will be at the top of your bedding.
-Put zipper foot onto your machine if you have one now.
-Put big sheet face down, place long side sheet piece face up on top of it, and place zipper face down on top of those layers. Pin all the way down & sew it. ( This will be on right side)
-Turn bedding to right side and top stitch material onto zipper.
-Lay Topper material top side face up with zipper faced down. Pin and sew all the way down on the left side. Turn it over and top stitch material to front side of zipper.
-Put big sheet face up with your blanket on top. Line up those edges and put your other long side sheet piece face down on top of those layers. Pin all the way down and sew it.
-Place Bottom short piece right side face down on top of your layers and sew.
– Sew all four corners together by putting them right sides facing and sewing.
-Put your bedding right side face down and make a 1 inch casing all the way around leaving a 2 inch open to put elastic in and out off.
-Take your 1 and a half yards of 3/8’s wide elastic and put it through your casing using a safety pin.
-Once elastic is through sew elastic together and sew your casing closed.
-Last step is optional but it gives a nicer finished look- sew fold over elastic or ribbon to the top edge of your bedding blanket to polish that edge.

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