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Diy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas | Diy Unique Wall Hanging | Diy Wall Decor | artmypassion

A tutorial on how to make Wall hanging craft ideas with paper, paper craft wall hanging, wall hanging with paper, very Quick and Easy.

Things required –

* Glitter Foam sheet (green )
* Mount board (cardboard)
* Hot Glue Gun
* Acrylic colour
* Hook
* LED Candles

First Draw a pattern of tree on mount board, cut it.. cut small branches shape, cut it.
paste the branches cuts on main branch of the tree by glue gun then colour the tree with brown acrylic colour highlight tree by acrylic metallic colour.
Then take green colour glitter foam sheet, draw a pattern of leaf on back side of sheet and cut it, make 38 patterns of that.
paste it on all branches of tree.
Then paste the hook back side of tree.
Then glue the LED candles randomly on tree where you want..
Put ON the LED candles hang it on Wall and look the beautiful wall hanging In your home.. 👏 it’s done..
Make it and decor your home with your own talent.. 😊😊😊

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