DIY Platform Bed – Costs Less than $200!!!😮



This DIY platform bed makes it totally possible to decorate a bedroom on a budget. So let’s talk about how to build a bed. We built this DIY Platform Bed on the cheap for Alexis’s room. In part one of this series we showed how we built the bottom half of this platform bed. In this video, we show how we build the upper half of the bed, finished it, and installed this easy diy furniture projet in our teen’s bedroom. Don’t forget to subscribe!!!

We built this DIY Platform Bed as a full sized bed, but the plans are easily customizable for a queen bed frame or a king platform bed. We love making DIY furniture because you can get a designer look for a fraction of the price. We saved thousands of dollars by making this platform ourselves instead of buying it.

The other great thing about DIY furniture and DIY decorations is that you can customize it to perfectly suit your bedroom decor while also decorating your bedroom on a budget! This bed too approximately 24 hours of work to make, most of which was spread over two weekends.

Quick tip: If you don’t have a miter saw and don’t want to get one right now, you can have the boards cut to size at Home Depot or Lowes though they might charge a fee. But if you really want to get into DIY decor, it’s worth investing in a few tools. We will like to some of our favorites below and will be talking more about this in future videos so stay tuned!


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