DIY: Newspaper Pots for Seed Starting/Cuttings



Spring is right around the corner and I need to get seeds started. I don’t have any small plastic pots so I’m using these newspaper pots. The best part, they’re FREE!! They should hold together long enough for the last frost to come around and then I’ll plant the seedling or cutting with pot and all in the ground. For the time being I planted up some rooted rosemary cuttings I took a few weeks ago in them.

I made these using a half sheet of newsprint approx 11″x22″ and it yielded a pot 2.75″ square by 3″ tall. Perfect side for getting good sized starts! I also made some using phone book paper and they measured 2″ square by 2″ tall. These are made the same but end up with a smaller lip around the top and were only single thick on two of the sides. Probably wouldn’t hold up to being moist for 2 months but it’s an alternative.

Original instructions are here: