DIY Macrame Wall hanging- Beginners Tutorial- Basic Knots Step by Step



Lesson 1 – For total beginners

I’ve put this tutorial together to help first time makers learn three basic knots and a simple pattern to make this mini “beginner DIY Macramé Wall Hanging”. You do not need to have ever tried Macramé before, as I have developed this pattern for total beginners. I full explanation and tutorial and some handy tips are all available in my blog post here: These tips can be used when making any Macramé. By following this tutorial, you will be taken from total novice status to being ready to start exploring your own designs using three-knot combinations!
This Pattern is my own, I have developed it especially for anyone who wants to learn how to DIY a Macramé Wall Hanging. I give permission for anyone to make it for themselves, having said that, this pattern is only for personal use (by individuals) and is not for commercial reproduction. All I ask is that, if you loved and want to support me making more videos, let me know, share the love!

This hanging is created in 10 steps
1. Casting on
2. Square Knot
3. How to alternate a square knot
4. Diagonal Double half hitch left
5. Diagonal Double half hitch right
6. Creating a Diamond using both knots
7. Creating a Diamond using alternating square knots
8. Creating a fringe line
9. Hanging a fringe Line

Equipment and supplies
Macramé, unlike crochet or knitting, does not require any “needles” and instead just your hands to tie knots. I use a traditional styled Macramé Cotton Cord which is available in my Etsy shop link below. Its soft, easy to use and unravels gently should you want to create a shaggy fringe effect. You will need a wooden Dowel, stick or branch to make this piece also. I have filmed this video at my desk with it raised at an angel, although, normally when making bigger pieces I use a clothes rail and hang my dowel, so work standing up. This is why my hands are a little clunky to begin with in these videos!

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Macramé supplies needed
• 3mm Macramé UK super soft cotton
• Wooden dowel/ stick or branch.
• Scissors

Beginner DIY Macramé Wall Hanging Pattern- A step by step Tutorial By Robyn Gough

Instructional Notes lengths and information to accompany this video : are available on my blog

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