DIY Home Gym Workout Room For Climbing, Crossfit & Gymnastics



My DIY home gym is a combination of influences from rock climbing to gymnastics to Crossfit to bodyweight training. It’s also similar to some “America Ninja Warrior” gyms.

I have a tongue-in-cheek overview showing how I exercise in my office at work:

Here are links to a few of the things I show you in the video. All of the following links to will take you to the things on

Pull-up Bar is from Everlast:
Green Metolius hang board:
Three-wheel ab roller:
Manilla rope:
Punching bag is an “unfilled bag”:
Big climbing holds are a lot like these:

Everything else was either scavenged or purchased at a hardware store.

If you want to make your own technique plates for Crossfit and/or Olympic lift training, I have a nice DIY set described here:

Most of my favorite tools are in my Amazon shop:

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