DIY Crafts: DIY Summer Life Hacks, DIY Room Decor & More



Top YouTube DIY crafts to do when bored! In this DIY Summer life hacks video I show best YouTube DIY ideas and simple life hacks perfect for girls, kids, teenagers and beginners. Wondering what to do when bored? These easy Youtube 5 minute crafts with projects for DIY room décor, DIY clothes and clothing hacks, DIY makeup (DIY crayon lipstick), DIY nail art, DIY experiment to do at home and many more will make your DIY summer amazing!

Help me translate this DIY Crafts video:

DIY Room décor! Who doesn’t like beautiful summer room decorations, right? DIY jar aquarium is a 5 minute craft to decorate your room! It is simple and easy to make but makes any room makeover complete. Another DIY room decorating idea for teenagers and a great summer life hack is a sunglasses organizer made from a clothes hanger. It’s a perfect DIY room décor for small room and smart simple life hack for keeping your room organized. Or you can recycle cork stoppers and make cool sail boats using only 3 household items. Amazing DIY toy or room decorating idea. Now you can proudly invite your friends on a room tour!

DIY Clothes and Clothing Life Hacks! In this DIY summer life hacks video I show you a couple of DIY clothes from old clothes ideas. I make beautiful DIY shorts from old jeans using bleach and colorful fabric markers. Cute DIY shorts are a great 5 minute craft to make when bored this summer! Another one of amazing DIY projects are DIY sunglasses made from nail polish. Using water marble technique you can transform your boring sunglasses into gorgeous new pair. These DIY clothes life hacks for girls are a total must try.

DIY Makeup – DIY crayon lip balm! I show you how to make a gorgeous DIY lip balm or DIY lipstick using crayons and in a shape of a watermelon! Oh and it’s an EOS! So, a watermelon DIY crayon tinted lip balm EOS. Sounds complicated but it’s actually very simple. One of the best DIY makeup life hacks for girls. This DIY crayon lipstick is inspired by Aira Tran.

DIY Experiments to do at home! Probably the best DIY idea ever are DIY helium balloons without helium. All you need to make them is drain cleaner solution and some aluminum foil. Yes, you can make epic DIY helium balloons using only household items, priceles.

DIY nail art! I show you how to make the most stunning beach nails, inspired by Janelle Estep. We start by making gradient nail design and opaque glitter nails. You will also learn some great nail hacks and nail art life hacks for beginners. Finish your manicure with a water spotted marbling technique to make a perfect summer nail art.

I hope you find these Youtube DIY crafts helpful and will try them out during the summer!

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