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1.►0:34|Paint your vinyl or linoleum flooring.

2.►0:43|Add cheap framed mirrors to closet doors.

3.►0:51|Add tab curtains to cover up unsightly wire shelving.

4.►1:10|Basket-weave your drapes.

5.►1:13|Add a simple hardware to your diy house projects curtain tie-backs.

6.►1:21|Hide your television wires in a shower curtain rod.

7.►1:27|Use brackets to decorate a window that can’t use curtains.

8.►1:31|Use napkin rings and ribbons to pretty up your shower curtain.

9.►1:42|Mix and match your sheer curtains.

10.►1:49|Know where to place your rug.
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11.►2:37|Decorate your fridge with washi tape or spray paint.

12.►2:42|Paint faux windows on your garage door.

13.►2:54|Frame your TV cool way.

14.►4:20|Add some simple yarn tassels to pretty up your bedskirt.

15.►4:58|Use a cake stand for your kitchen sink needs.

16.►5:02|Cover up an unsightly air vent with a rubber doormat.

17.►5:17|coat of spray paint to your old air vents.

18.►5:27|Hang curtain rods to get a makeshift canopy bed.
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19.►5:54|Accent ceilings to add new accent walls.

20.►6:18|Inexpensive craft store frames around your light switch covers.

21.►7:17|Decorative Punched Metal Ceiling Light Shade

22.►8:11|Take a curved shower curtain rod to improve your window look (bigger).

23.►8:20|Liquid stainless steel paint exists.

24.►8:31|Half-painted walls give the illusion of a taller ceiling.

25.►8:36|If you’re going for a rustic look, planking a wall is good option.

26.►9:17|This insanely simple window shade is magnetic, movable, and no-sew.

27.►10:04|Un-stain and re-stain your furniture.

28.►10:25|Framing your bathroom mirror will make it “sit” nicely with the rest of your decor.
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29.►10:40|using 3D gel-like tiles to update your kitchen backsplash.

30.►10:49|Use suede cording to Cover your unsightly cords

31.►11:07|Add a strip of trim to pretty up your baseboards.

32.►11:31|Add molding + shelving to the top of your kitchen cabinets.
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