❣DIY Fairy Garden Mushroom Lights❣



DIY Fairy Garden Mushroom Lights
Hi, in this tutorial I made a fairy garden terrarium with mushroom lights and a fairy mushroom house. I used some extruded polystyrene (xps styrofoam), battery operated led lights, transparent sanitary silicone sealant, tin foil, copper wire, hot glue, a little bit of polymer clay, moss and acrylic paint. I also used a glass cake cover but that is optional.
I first cut the styrofoam to fit the glass cake cover, then I paint it black. I then glued the lights to the copper wire. I made the wires in different lengths and also left more wire in the upper side (that will be helpful when making the mushroom caps). I glued the copper wires to the foam board with hot glue. I added some volume to the board using tin foil and hot glue. I mixed some red acrylic paint with silicone and made a paste. I applied the paste on the wires and leveled it using soap and water. Using some tin foil I made a cone and covered it with polymer clay. I sculpted a little house, baked it and painted it with acrylic paint. For making the mushroom caps I used again the silicone paste and wrapping foil. For making the round shapes I used the cones inside of an eggs carton. I also covered the tinfoil base using the same silicone paste in black. I also made some cute white dots on the house using white silicone. I added the moss on the whole base. I used toothpicks for fixing it to the board. The transparency of the silicone makes the mushrooms look amazing, and when the glass cover is on, it really looks like an enchanted miniature fragment of a fairy tale is in my house! 🙂
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