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You can’t go three clicks on Pinterest without running into a DIY sunscreen recipe. Unfortunately they don’t work and can be more dangerous than nothing at all! I explain why in this video.

Please share this with people who think DIY sunscreen is good enough to protect them or their children from skin cancer – one really bad sunburn as a child can more than double your chance of melanoma!

I cover:

* the nitty gritty of sunscreen formulation
* why zinc oxide is annoying
* why you shouldn’t test sunscreen on yourself
* why store-bought sunscreen is safe
* why DIY sunscreen is probably worse than nothing (I was surprised when I found this out!)

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I bought a lapel microphone and some new editing software, so everything is a bit more polished (I hope). Note: The sunscreen I’m waving around at the start was a PR sample. This video was not made in conjunction with them (or any sunscreen company) in any way.

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