The Golden Egg – Harry Potter DIY



I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and have always wanted my own golden egg. For more information about materials and tools you need, keep reading on 😉

Things you need:
Referens photos – Google 😉
Plastic Egg – Mine is ment for candy that is maybe easiest to get a hold of around Easter. If you can find one that stands up, thats even better ^^
Cling wrap
Masking tape
(Cotton if you are doing it like I am)
Measuring tape
Cirkle template – if you don’t have one, use some small round object as a guide ^^

Worbla* (When I work on my project I usually just improvise, so I don’t have any exact measurements :/ but I did use about 1 sheet of 75x50cm I think (I had some laying around after a cosplay project ^^’) Worbla does streck quiet a bit, so a small pieces do go a long way after all ^^ But I should probably measure the size of the egg and there after see how much I needed. As you can se in my video I have 2 layers for the three sides and 3 layers at the bottom an 1 at the top. So if you already have the egg at hand, I would maybe cover it in cling-wrap (plastic wrap or what its called xD ) and tape it as I do in the video and draw on the pieces. But then I would gently cut the pieces out and use the cut outs as a pattern to calculate how much worbla I needed ^^)

Heat gun
Scissor, Sharp and sturdy
Glue – Super, School and Poly Cement
Hinges – 3 of them
Pliers – Flat, round
Paper – if you need to secure it like I do ^^
Super Sculpey – Or clay of your choice, read on the package for baking time 😉
Thin wire
Sculpting tools – or something small and sharp ^^
Tinn foil
Platic rod**
Roling pinn – or something round and flat ^^
Felt – Black
Soldering Iron – or a heat pen 🙂
Respirator mask
File – or sandpaper
Filler Spray
Red Spray paint
Gold Spray paint
Gold aluminum paper
A soft tool – I’m using my eraser pen, but a silicone tipped tool works as well ^^
Black acrylic paint
Brush – small
Satin Finish Spray (liquitex)
Iridescent cellophane
Small led light with battery
Double sided tape

*Worbla – “Worbla is a brand of innovative, non-toxic thermoplastics designed to give artists a product that allows endless creativity without sacrificing quality or safety. Ever evolving, the Worbla line of thermoplastics offers something for everyone with an easy learning curve, 100% recyclable material and wide range of applications.”

**Plasticard/rod – “Plasticard is a hard plastic, it’s industrial name is High Impact Polystyrene Sheet . UK modellers know it as plasticard, in the US it is commonly referred to as styrene sheet, plastcard or plastic card.”

“Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” – Albus Dumbledore

Music: Pooka – Kevin MacLeod