Jewelry Display Easy DIY



Jewelry Display Easy DIY

This is a quick and easy DIY for jewelries and accessories lovers out there. I had so much fun making this; going to salvation army to pick out the pieces and putting them together. I ended up with two plates, two glasses, and one very beautiful ashtray all for $10 New Zealand dollars. I don’t have a lot of accessories so I picked out smaller plates, but you can definitely use bigger plates and you can even add more layers to it. I used a black marker to make sure I glue the pieces in the middle and used a glue gun to secure them. The best part was arranging all my jewelry and accessories. It’s sitting on my desk now and it’s so pretty I want to share it with everyone. This can also be used to display your nailpolish, cupcakes and chips or whatever you want!

My Youtube gear:
Iphone 6:
Small bendy tripod:

Post production:
Mac Air:
(or any computer/ laptop you have)

If you’re thinking about making videos, I say do it. Do it now, do it today. It doesn’t have to be for anyone, do it for yourself. Personally, I learnt so much and I enjoyed it every step of the way especially post production. 😉 Comment below for any questions about the DIY or making content for Youtube and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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