Gel Pen Repaint Challenge // DIY Custom Doll Monster High *Semi Fail*



Hey guys! A lot of you seemed to like my ‘cheap marker repaint challenge’ and you gave me so many awesome suggestions for materials I could use for similar videos – so today’s tutorial or custom doll is done using gel pens 😀 who doesn’t love gel pens?!

Cheap marker repaint;

I chose to repaint a monster high doll but of course, you can do this on any type of doll you want such as a Barbie doll or a bJD 🙂

Polymer clay miniature shop and tutorials;

instagram for my polymer clay miniature food and other dollhouse miniatures; @SugarCharmShop


Thor avenger custom doll;
Black widow avenger custom doll;

MacLeod is licensed under CC Attribution 3.0.
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