DIY Universe In A Cup – How To Make Miniature Cosmos With Galaxies In A Cup



Easy and beautiful way to make a DIY universe that pouring out of the fallen cup with black hole inside. I show how to make this decoration at all and how to draw space, galaxies and the Earth.
I made this video in loving memory of Stephen Hawking.

To make this DIY (which is really close to the art piece) you will need a cup (my was 8 cm high, and it’s diameter was 10 cm), sticks for hot glue gun, microwave oven (or you can use a stove oven), acrylic paint (black, pink, violet, light blue, white and green), kitchen sponge, table tennis ball (for a planet) and a bead (for the Moon).

I added a black hole to the bottom of the cup, because I wanted to add more specific element of Mr Hawking’s life and work.

Tip: draw space and galaxies with any colors you’d like. They can be blue-green or yellow-red… It’s up to you.

Good luck!

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