diy: simple vest 3



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it’s been a while since my last video ^^ and i suddenly had an idea to create a loose vest… which is inspired by the loose black vest i wore at the end of my “diy: star cutout leggings 3” vid 🙂 though the outcome is a bit different… 😛

this diy is almost the same as my “diy: simple vest”… but the results look quite different, and it kind of reminds me of the vest i got from coolcat, which i showed in my “clothing haul: q1 2009” vid… 😛

the scarf i used in this vid, is the same kind of scarf that i’ve used in my “diy: simple halterdress” vid, it’s just in another color ^^

a lot of references to other video’s lol… but i recommend the diy videos if you haven’t checked out those yet ^^

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much love, ljenmf