DIY Sidewalk Chalk!



This is a really easy DIY project for summer. I loved the way this chalk turned out and can’t wait to make more and experiment with different colors.

Cardboard tubes (saved from the center of paper towels, toilet paper, wrapping paper, and tinfoil, etc)
Silicone molds work great too!
Freezer paper or wax paper
Tempera paint
1 cup water
1 1/2 cups of Plaster of Paris

Duct tape off one side of each cardboard tube. Insert a sheet of freezer paper.
In a plastic container, mix 2 tablespoons of paint into the cup of water. Continue mixing while slowly adding in the Plaster of Paris. Mix until well combined – the mixture should be about the texture of frosting.
Fill your containers with the mixture and tap the cardboard tubes to release air bubbles.
Plaster will set in about 30-60 minutes. Check for hardness after 60 minutes and remove from tubes. Once chalk has been removed, place it on a drying rack for at least 24 hours before using. Enjoy!

Plaster of Paris:

Tempera Paint:

Silicone Heart Cupcake Liners:

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