DIY Seil-Lampe



Heute zeige ich euch, wie ihr euch eine super schicke Lampe selber machen könnt. Es ist wirklich ganz einfach. Allerdings müsst ihr dafür schon etwas Zeit einplanen, da die Trocknungszeit sehr lange ist.

Viel Spaß beim Nachmachen!

for the english audience:

You need:
* a ball
* yarn or rope (this one I got from hardware stor and it has an irregular structure)
* container with lid (the yarn has to fit in it)
* knife or scissors
* foil and tape
* wallpaper glue
* lamp hanger with light bulb
* cable ties

1. First you should consider how big the lamp should be.
My lamp should be big, so I take a gymnastic ball with 40cm diameter.
2. Make a hole into the container lid. Your yarn has to fit through it
3. Mix the wallpaper glue in the container
4. Put the yarn in the glue and than thread the end through the hole in the lid and close it with tape
5. wind the yarn around the ball and make a node
6. than twist and twist… until you think it´s enough (for my lamp I use 200m yarn)
7. Pin the end behind the other yarn oder make a node.
8. hang it up to let it dry. Maybe you have to put glue on some points. Than let it dry for at lest 12 hours
9. untie the yarn from the ball and let the air out
10. cut a hole in the lamp, which is big enough to get out the ball
11. than twist yarn around the edge of the hole to make it more stable
12. deside in which position the light ball shoud be and fix one cable tie on this point. Fix yarn around the hole and pull the end of the lamp hanger through the middle and fix it with cable ties again. finished!

I know my english ist not the best but I hope you can understand me.
Thanks for wathhing this video!