DIY Rainbow Glitter Slime



An Activity for Preschoolers:

Making your own rainbow slime is fun and easy. Only 3 ingredients, quick to make, with no borax!

Before You Begin:
Gather the ingredients along with a small bowl and measuring spoons. If you are working with younger children, you might want to help them pre-measure the ingredients.

Activity Goals:
Learn to measure ingredients
Explore slime as a sensory experience

Use up to 6 rainbow glitter glue colors to make rainbows of color!

1) Pour 4 fl oz. (1/2 Cup) Colorations® Rainbow Glitter Glue into the bowl
2) Add 1/2 TBSP of baking soda and stir completely into the rainbow glitter glue
3) Add 1 1/4 TBSP of contact lens solution
4) Mix with a spoon until slime starts to harden
5) If needed add 1/4 TBSP of contact lens solution to make slime less sticky
6) Remove the slime from the bowl and knead it with your hands
7) Make multiple rainbow glitter slime colors repeating the above directions.
8) Stretch each rainbow glitter slime color and place them next to each other to build a rainbow.
9) Have fun pulling and stretching them, making beautiful multi-color rainbows!!!