DIY Original CRYSTAL CLEAR Slime Recipe!!



DIY Original Liquid Glass Slime
•The difference is that it is thicker and not as jiggly as my other recipe•
•Clear PVA glue
•Clear slime activator (1/2 tsp borax to 1 cup hot water)
•Clean mixing bowl
•Clean mixing utensil
•Clean air tight container
•Add your desired amount of clear glue
•Add activator very slowly until slime isn’t sticky
•Store in an air tight container for 3-7 days to let it clear up
•NOTE – This slime may take longer to clear up than my other liquid glass Slime tutorial because there isn’t as much water
•DONE ✅•
•NOTE – If slime starts to become cloudy again, place in an air tight container for another 3-7 days depending on how cloudy it is