DIY: (How to) Shirt Braiding



Hey guys! So the other day I was in a really crafty mood so I went through my closet and found this shirt that I don’t particularly like as is so I wanted to revamp it! I thought I would film a video on how I made this simple tank into a statement piece super quick and easy. I know there are similar videos already on youtube regarding this but I thought it would be fun to show you guys how I do it and maybe inspire you to do the same (for all of you who have not already seen videos on this). I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!
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Old (or one you don’t want or like) shirt, tank, or t-shirt: mine is from H&M about a year ago
scissors (fabric scissors would work best, but I just used regular scissors)
and your hands!

song: Rich Girls (Le Castle Vania Remix) by The Virgins

Disclaimer- I do not own any music or rights to the music used in this video