DIY Chevron Friendship Bracelet



We are making Chevron Friendship Bracelet in this DIY bracelet making tutorial. Chevron Friendship Bracelet is a perfect fashion DIY, since it is really easy and simple to make, but looks very cute. In fact, the chevron pattern is one of the easiest of all friendship bracelet patterns. I show how to make this DIY bracelet step by step, slowly so even beginners in bracelet making can follow. To make a chevron friendship bracelet you need an embroidery floss, string or a thread and a cute button. One of the best parts of this DIY bracelet is its button, since it enables taking the friendship bracelet on and off our wrist without damaging it. I used 4 different colors of string to make this DIY chevron friendship bracelet jewelry, since I want it to be bright and colorful, so that I can wear it in spring and summer and pair the bracelet with different colors of clothes. Further, you can wear this DIY chevron friendship bracelet alone or you can stack it with other bracelet jewelry — it’s a stackable bracelet too. It goes perfectly with gold or silver bracelets — very fashionable. You can make the chevron bracelet for yourself or you can make it as a present or a gift for your friends or loved ones (mother, sister and even brother, father or boyfriend if you choose more manly colors when you DIY chevron friendship bracelet).

For this beautiful piece of DIY jewelry choose 4 pieces of 50 inches or 1.2 meters embroidery floss. Pull the strings together, fold them in half and make a knot on top. It takes a bit more than one hour to DIY this chevron friendship bracelet, there’s quite some knotting to do. Secure the bracelet, Divide its strings in half — 4 on each side so that the sides reflect each other like a mirror (a mirror image). It’s time to start knotting. We need to know forward knot and backward knot for this friendship bracelet DIY. For each row, we make forward knots with strings on the left side and backward knots with strings on the right side. Each solid row in a v shape, represents one row of our friendship bracelet. Always start with the outermost strand, reach the middle from both sides and then make two knots to connect both halves together. Remembering to knot twice is very important. When the chevron pattern is complete many times and the bracelets fit our wrist, it’s time to DIY cute button ending to your friendship bracelet.

I decided to make this chevron friendship bracelet, since many of you requested an easier pattern after uploading the heart friendship bracelet. This bracelet is just as cute as the heart one, but it is much simpler to do, perfect for beginners. If you would like me to show you more bracelets or patterns, let me know in the comments and I will show you more, easy, fun, simple but cute DIY bracelets.

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