DIY Automatic A/C Condenser Evaporator Mister – Electronically controlled!



In this video I show you how I made my own A/C Evaporative Condenser Mister. The reviews for the commercial versions leave alot to be desired, and the commercial electronic versions are expensive! I created my own using irrigation parts from Home Depot. I just need to update the mister nozzles and will update once I do.

Parts List:
25′ 1/2 Rainbird Hose
1/2″ Rainbird Hose Adapter to 3/4″ Garden Hose
1/2″ Rainbird Hose to 3/4″ Female Thread X2
3/4″ X 2″ Pipe Nipple
CP075 3/4″ 24VAC Solenoid Valve
1/4″ Rainbird Misters (removed the rainbird nozzles, they are threaded)
1/4 Brass Misting Nozzles from Amazon

Orbit 3/4″ Garden Hose Calcium Filter

Outdoor Wire Nuts
Scotch Super33+ Electrical Tape
18/5 Irrigation Wire (to go from thermostat to rainbird valve)