DIY Air Heat Exchanger – PVC pipe and Soda Cans



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In this video you will learn how to make a low cost, easy to build and very effective air heat exchanger by using soda cans, pvc pipes and some computer fans.

The purpose of the heat exchanger is to ventilate a room or house with fresh air while not loosing to much heat.

In winter times we want to have a comfortable indoor climate while not wasting to much energy on heating and ventilating.

The heat exchanger heats up the cold fresh air with the hot air that is be replaced before entering the room.

The heat exchanger can be used in hot climates as well to ventilate air conditioned rooms or houses.

The air heat exchanger consists mainly of an aluminum pipe made from soda cans that sits inside a wider pvc pipe.

The cold fresh air is being pushed trough the aluminum pipe to entering the room.

The hot saturated air is being pushed trough the pvc pipe in the other direction to leave the room.

Since aluminum is a very conductive material, the heat/cold will be transferred upon each other while keeping the fresh air separated from the saturated air resulting in fresh air entering the room without loosing to much heat.

More info, videos, and updates can be found on my website.

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