DIY: $4,500AUD Off-Grid 40ft Shipping Container Home Survival/Basic



This is a 40ft high cube shipping container modified simply and minimally to provide suitable accommodation for a temporary shelter, for camping, for basic off-grid living, providing a simple but comfortable (region/season dependent) and affordable housing option. The total price of the container, including delivery, modifications, wood stove and electrical system was less than $4,500. I wanted to show anybody who is interested what with a small price, and simple additions, you could make a shipping container a comfortable, secure, affordable and cosy home; whether for temporary or longer term accommodation.

This can be useful in an emergency situation or potentially situations of limited housing. I will be making further changes and additions to the container in the future for improvement. Note that this container is a more minimal container and there is a lot more that could be done. Also note that I do not use the container for permanent living, although it could be. It has primarily been used for storage/temporary accommodation.

I thank you for your consideration. I hope for you for the future. Peace be with you, and may the Lord and God bless you my brethren. Your brother, Christopher

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