Cheap LED Photo/Work Light Panel Under 20$! || DIY lighting



How I made my cheap photography light and work light LED panel!
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Cold white LED strips (about 15m):
Arduino Nano:
Voltage step down:
A lamp stand
Mosfet and potentiometer
Black spraypaint for vanity 😉

I needed better lighting for my filming and project work. 15 meters of LED and an adjustable tripod makes for a great starting point. The end result of the work light was truly worth the money. Since it’s a DIY, I wanted to show you how to do it, and how a LED lamp can be built inexpensively and efficiently. This photography light is dimmable, and made using arduino, mosfets, a voltage step down, and potentiometer! If you’re not too comfortable with electronics, and just want a cheap lamp for photography, you can just skip the dimming part.

The most important part is the smooth, white lighting that the LEDs will provide. For a better result I would definitly recommend going for some more expensive LEd-strips which provide a higher CRI and hence a better and more natural light will emit from the LED panel. If the lighting is too bright for your photography and you don’t have a dimmer, you can use aluminium foil around some cardboard to create a reflector! Be creative!

Thanks for watching!

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