5 DIY Banana Peel Uses ♡ Health & Beauty



Hey! Here are 5 awesome ways to use banana peels for natural beauty and health benefits. They are so full of awesome nutrients and properties that make them great for natural; teeth whitening, skin care, wart treatment, splinter removal, anti-inflammation and ingestion (they have a high nutritional value!) – so in the video i show you ways to utilise each of these benefits 🙂 It is really awesome being able to use as much as you can of things and reduce your waste- because you get the most for your money and also all the resources put into growing or producing it are not for nothing (water, land, energy, labor etc). Food scraps are one of our most wasted products, so its awesome to find uses for them!
I hope you find them useful!

Music; Josh Woodward

I hope you enjoyed this video ♡
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