Creating has always been a way of expressing the artist inside a person. They express themselves by writing and creating what they have in their crafty minds.

DIY Loop started in the year 2016 which is a blog of Diy and Crafts intended for crafty people to get reliable tutorials and inspiration to express their creativity. It looks for and creates many unique tutorials to help you in your daily life. These tutorials could help you with organization and home decor to jewlery and fashion. Whether your organizing you kitchen or a party, it’ll provide unique ideas so you can make the most out of them. At the end of the tutorials, they include some tips or tools you can use to make the craft easier based on experience.

DIY Loop

Meet The Founder

Hey there! My name is Montse and I’m the brains behind this blog. I started it because I have always loved the art of making crafts and origami which I now share with you. I has lots of interests besides crafting, some of which are¬†swimming and studying science (especially astronomy). One of my dreams is to travel to space. When I was little I didn’t think of going to space, I only liked reading about it and learning more. But when I got older, I didn’t just want to know about it, I wanted to experience it.

Half moon

Other little things I like are coffee and being at the beach in hot weather. I’ve always been known as the geeky smart girl. Most people are surprised to know that I swim, love crafts and love going on extreme adventures. Let’s just say that I am an over all very curious person. I am a pretty introverted person, but I’d love to share more with you.

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